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lei October 12, 2002 20:05

Turbulence Intensity at an opening
Hi, all

In the manual of Airpak2.0 Chapter6.(P.6-24), it is said that the turbulence intensity of 1% is low, while 10% is high. But if I set the turbulence intensity greater than 10%, for example, 15% or 30%, does it have any meanings? Does Airpak use these number to calculate? If not, what is the limit of turbulence intensity in calculation?

Thanks in advance.

Lei Waseda university.

Erwin October 14, 2002 06:41

Re: Turbulence Intensity at an opening
Of course it has a meaning. The program uses these values to calculate the level of turbulence that is transported into your domain.

Be sure to relate your turbulence intensity to the specified inlet velocity.

lei October 14, 2002 23:22

Re: Turbulence Intensity at an opening
Hi, Erwin

Thanks very much for your reply. Could you tell any practical examples which have the turbulence intensity over 30% at an opening?

Lei Waseda university

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