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Erwin October 14, 2002 07:47

Fluent on a Windows cluster
Who is succesfully running Fluent on NT clusters?

I am trying to get the parallel version of Fluent to run on a cluster of NT4 machines. I enter the "Fluent 3d -pnet -t2" option in the Command window, which launches Fluent. After the ususal license message it says:

Host spawning Node 0 on machine "computername" (ntx86).

where clientname is the correct name of local machine. However, I then get the message that the network name cannot be found (although 'computername' is correct!). I get the same messages running with the -cnf=hosts.txt option.

Any idea what I should do?

Erwin October 14, 2002 11:03

Re: Fluent on a Windows cluster
Got it already, typical case again of RTFM. The Fluent manual (Chp.28) doesn't specify it really well, but one needs to have RSHD.EXE running on all cluster elements. The Install manual is quite clear how to get it running.

Other question remains: are people using this option and how do they like it?

Gavin Buckton October 15, 2002 04:17

Re: Fluent on a Windows cluster
If you are getting the error message network name cannot be found when trying to run fluent in parallel then check the following. Try the obvious first, can machine A ping machine B using only its hostname? if so,

check that the Fluent.Inc directory on the remote machine shared? it must be specifically shared. Sharing the full c: drive for example isnt enough. Hope this helps. Gavin

Rich October 22, 2002 02:40

Re: Fluent on a Windows cluster
I got at the parallel version of Fluent,but can't find out the flie RSHD.exe,can can you help me.


Erwin October 22, 2002 11:39

Re: Fluent on a Windows cluster
According to the Fluent install manual there should be a copy of it on the CD-ROM. Apparently it is freeware so it should be fairly easy to get a copy somewhere.

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