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Shane October 15, 2002 21:39

selective outlet
Hi All!

Is their any way when using a eulerian model with 2 phases. A liquid and a gas dispersed phase to force the outlet to only allow the dispersed phase to exit. I am currently using a pressure outlet with the backflow conditions of the dispersed phase set to 1.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Shane

Thitikorn October 16, 2002 01:02

Re: selective outlet
May be, u can defind filter layer before outlet by set this layer is porous layer or porous media.(For Fluent 5.x - 6.x)

But If u use Fluent 4.x. U must defind cell at near outlet to porous zone and follow next step same Fluent 5.x - 6.x

And defind permeable value of phase that u don't want it go out to near zero value (permeable value = 1e-15)

This is my idea u may try. I hope it'll work.

Regard, Thitikorn

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