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Boris October 16, 2002 04:11

Gambit: O/C types of meshes for multi-blocks ??
Can anyone provide the sources adressing how to implement the O or C types of meshes while dealing with complex geometry,such as a shiphull or airplane? Thank you so much.

Jonas Larsson October 16, 2002 09:52

Re: Gambit: O/C types of meshes for multi-blocks ?
Gambit is not very suitable for this type of complex multi-block meshes. You often have to create geometry-entities to define your o-grid regions etc. - not very practical and very inflexible. Gambit has many strengths but for multi-block meshes I'd recommend another tool, like icem hexa, gridgen or gridpro.

Boris October 16, 2002 20:58

Re: Gambit: O/C types of meshes for multi-blocks ?
Thanks, Larsson. The dilemma is that we have to use Gambit to pre-procees complex geometry, because that is the only preprocessor we have.

Laika October 17, 2002 03:38

Re: Gambit: O/C types of meshes for multi-blocks ?
If you split your volume into convenient smaller volumes, you can easily design O or C -type meshes by using map-schemes on each volume. There is absolutely no reason to use an other pre-processor. Good luck,

Laika, still orbiting

Jonas Larsson October 17, 2002 14:31

Re: Gambit: O/C types of meshes for multi-blocks ?
Then I'd recommend you to construct geometry entities where you want your block boundaries to be. This is tedious and a bit inflexible since you can't esily adjust the location of your block-boundaries and you have to guess where to place them before you can see the resulting mesh. But this works in Gambit, at least for fairly simply curved surfaces. If you have double-curved and highly twisted surfaces you might run into troubles though. One big advantage with doing this tedious blocking work in gambit is that you can esily swith to tets in extra problmatic regions.

As an example, to create an o-grid around a wing you would need to create a new cad-surface as an offset around the original wing surface and then create a special o-grid volume between the wing and this offset-surface. Then you can just grade the edges and mesh this volume with the map-scheme as an o-grid.

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