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Eric R. October 17, 2002 10:39

MRF/impeller question
Hello everyone.

Are you allowed to have a non-moving object (wall) within a MRF region?


In a quarter-section model (only modeling a 1/4th region and assuming quadrant-symmetry) of a mixing tank with an impeller, can you insert something like an electical rod heater above the rotating impeller if it would also be in the MRF region? The rod itself will not move, but stay in the one spot. There would be 4 rods in the full cylindrical tank according to the quadrant-symmetry assumption.

Any help anyone can shed on this or even MRF guidelines in general would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

-Eric R.

Laika October 18, 2002 04:37

Re: MRF/impeller question
Yes that's possible.

Your rod is a seperate cell-zone. You just don't make this zone a moving zone.

Laika, still orbiting

Chris Michaels October 18, 2002 11:18

Re: MRF/impeller question
Thanks Laika. I'll give it a try.

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