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rahmat October 19, 2002 21:52

compressible flow in compressor
Hi all

Does Flient.6 could make a model of flow through kompressor's impeller???


rahul October 21, 2002 01:33

Re: compressible flow in compressor
Fluent can model compressible flow through impeller. You have to activate ideal gas equation in materials panel. Use MRF model to model ratating flows.

rahmat October 21, 2002 08:18

Re: compressible flow in compressor
I have tried, but I don't know how to make it to be convergence? segregated or coupled I should choose?

May I ask you a question? What kind of boundary condition should I set? I want to make a characteristic curve of the compressor; Can I make a variation on pressure ratio at a constant rotation speed?


rahul October 23, 2002 13:13

Re: compressible flow in compressor
If you choose coupled solver, energy will be automatically be activated. For getting convergence, you have to lower under-relaxation parameters. use 0.3 on velocity, 0.2 for pressure & 0.8 for energy.

Another way to reach convergence criteria is to solve the problem treating incompressible. (use segregated solver). The flow field obtained in this manner will be treated as initial guess for subsequent compressible flow simulation.

Typically, mass flow BC should be used with compressible flow. If you didn't get convergence, try velocity inlet & pressure outlet.

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