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Ola Nordblom October 20, 2002 15:07

Continuity and the velocity-inlet b.c.

While I was working with the moving/deforming mesh option in Fluent 6.02, I found that the continuity eqn. seemed to converge for a mass inflow that differed somewhat from the rate of mass change of the deforming domain. The mass inflow was specified using a velocity-inlet b.c. and the fluid was water.

After that, I disabled the moving/deforming mesh option, so that the domain was fixed. I used the same velocity-inlet b.c. but no outlet, and found to my surprise that the continuity eqn. still seemed to converge!?

Right now, I can't judge what kind of results I got, however, this exercise brings up a question about the handling of the overall continuity in Fluent 6 when a velocity-inlet b.c. is used. One would expect the solution to explode for this situation, but for some reason that doesn't happen. Perhaps somebody can explain this to me. Thanks in advance!


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