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Mavinakere October 21, 2002 23:42

2D mesh from Gambit
Hi, Is there a possiblity to export the surface mesh from GAMBIT?I'm trying to create zonal hybrid mesh as one of the T-Grid tutorial says. I already have the volume mesh.But i'm not able to export the surface mesh from Gambit.please advice. Thanks in advance. Mavinakere.

Laika October 23, 2002 05:21

Re: 2D mesh from Gambit
Normally, it should work fine.

Did you specify a solver? Try to specify Fluent5/6 as solver and export the mesh without the option 2D selected. It is a 3d surface mesh you want to export, not a 2d mesh.

Laika, still orbiting

Mavinakere October 23, 2002 12:44

Re: 2D mesh from Gambit
Well,It's a 3D mesh i understand..and i did specify the solver as fluent 5 and specified all the BC's as wall and an default continum was specified.but when i export..i read errors in exporting.If i specify half of the domain with the BC's and export,the specified BC's are not visible and the fluid continum type is rest of the unspecified's very strange.. Mavinakere.

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