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Jonas Larsson October 29, 2002 18:35

Fluent on RedHat 8.0
Has anyone tried Fluent and Gambit on RedHat 8.0 yet? Any unexepected problems?

We have a few new machines arriving next week and we're considering installing RedHat 8.0 on them. We have 7.2 and 7.3 on our old machines (works very well).

Ugur November 4, 2002 12:33

Re: Fluent on RedHat 8.0
I have upgraded my system to RH 8.0 (with the new kernel)couple of weeks ago and no problems so far. It seems to me fluent is more stable in 8.0. Ugur

Jonas Larsson November 4, 2002 16:44

Re: Fluent on RedHat 8.0
That's great news. Thanks! I were a bit afraid that the updated c things in 8.0 might create problems.

Have you also tried Gambit?

Ugur November 6, 2002 00:10

Re: Fluent on RedHat 8.0
I have also tried gambit and didn't have any problems so far. 8.0 looks very fancy, more like Windows now! Ugur

Peter Attar November 8, 2002 23:30

Re: Fluent on RedHat 8.0
Is that supposed to be a good thing?

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