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Amid Naz November 6, 2002 19:33

Cost of FLUENT $$$
Hi all can someone tell me how much It gonna cost me as student to have FLUENT on my PC.. thanx

Newbie November 7, 2002 08:31

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
too much

Gavin Buckton November 7, 2002 12:48

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
You have to pay for the best. Feraris are also expensive. Needless to say newbie probably drives a Skoda.

Eric November 7, 2002 13:43

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
e-mail at to find out the price. He bought several CFD softwares including Fluent and he should know the exact price.

newbie November 7, 2002 15:30

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
I don't doubt that there are students out there who can afford a personal license of fluent, of course is not my case. Comparing fluent with a ferrari?, well that's been a long time discussion I don't want to enter.

See the following thread;



jkl November 8, 2002 07:56

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
If you need fluent for accademic purposal contact both your university and your local fluent distributor, maybe there could be some kind of accademic agreement,

good luck.

cfd monkey November 8, 2002 10:06

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
From my experience, the license costs appear to vary by user whether he/she is academia, industry, or government. I *believe*, though I'm not positive, that the academic license is several thousand dollars per year, but I do not know how many processors this will get you. Industry and Government licenses cost much more, of course. To get the academic license, I think the CFD professor in your Engineering/Science department has to make a request for the academic license for Fluent to run on Department/College/University computers only. I have not heard of anyone using Fluent on a personal computer, though some are able to telnet into University computers to use it, but I have seen this to be a rather slow process and really not worth it in the long run. People usually use the code on the computer or network it is licensed on. Good luck.

Amid Naz November 13, 2002 18:59

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
Guys I will use those in the computer lab..I changed my mind:)

revalin herdianto November 18, 2002 22:48

Re: Cost of FLUENT $$$
As far as I know, it costs around US$4000 for University with 5 licenses. But it may vary depending on the country. For Industry or private ? probably four times.


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