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J.W.Ryu November 7, 2002 22:24

Help!!!) Magnet flux density vector calculation
Hi everyone,

I am trying to use MHD module to simulate thermal field associated with cinductive fluid flow. Thermal field combining fluid flow without magnetic field is well solved. Remaining is the input of magnetic field for conductive fluid flow calculation. Sequence that I am considering to get results is MHD solving --> Fuild/thermal field solving

The trouble is MHD solving in my problem. Input parameter of MHD module is magnet flux density (B) at several points in my calculating domain. Unfortunately, I don't know various B at each position. Does anybody know how calculate B at a given domain? Does anybody have good UDF example to calculate B? If yes, could you let me have your outstanding example?

Input parameters and condition for B caluations are 1) current (DC) 2) # of coil turn for solenoid type magnet 3) Steady state.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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