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rakib November 9, 2002 12:24

Windows XP

Does FLUENT run on a Windows XP platform? Did anybody try this? What I believe is that FLUENT is designed to run on a UNIX or a WINNT/ WIN2K platform.

Eric November 9, 2002 16:21

Re: Windows XP
I run Fluent with XP everyday. So far, no problem at all.

rakib November 10, 2002 01:20

Re: Windows XP
Thanks. Is it the same version as to be installed on WINNT or they have a seperate one for WIN XP?

zahid November 10, 2002 13:54

Re: Windows XP
Dear Rakib i am working on compac with windows XP installed. No problem yet. Just changed NTFS to Fat32. ANd it is OK.

rakib November 10, 2002 14:19

Re: Windows XP
OK, but is the changing necessary?

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