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Diana November 11, 2002 07:33

Multiphase model it possible..

I want to use multiphase Eularian-granular model for the following problem...

Consider a channel with some flow of water whose bed consists of a porous sand layer. I want to introduce upward velocity of water from the porous sand(secondary phase) into the main channel in which water(Primary phase) is flowing. The sand bed particles are NOT moving, but water thro' the sand voids enters at some velocity in the main channel flow. The water in the main channel and that coming out thro' sand pores have the same physical properties. Is it possible to do this using FLUENT to obtain velocity and shear stress distribution at the interface of the main channel of water and the bottom sand layer? I am new to fluent, and someone suggested me this. If anyone knows plz reply as to how I should proceed?

Thanx in advance.

joy123 November 11, 2002 14:24

Re: Multiphase model it possible..
I think Laika & Jin-wook Lee will be able to help U. As they R answering on Multiphase Model as appears from the previous discussions in this Forum.

Laika <>

Jin-Wook LEE <>

All the Best......

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