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Sachin November 16, 2002 15:34

DPM + reacting sprays

I am trying to model spray combustion using FLUENT 6. My previous experience has been with modeling gas combustion (methane-air).

Now, I have a problem in which liquid fuel enters a air-blast atomizer and then enters the combustor in spray form.

Air enters concentrically to the nozzle. Does anybody know how to model such a combustion process using FLUENT 6.

I think DPM can possibly model such a process. I tried incorporating it, but, can't get my way around. Could anyone give in any suggestions on how to go about using DPM for such a process and the air blast atomizer model in FLUENT?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks Regards Sachin

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 02:12

Re: DPM + reacting sprays
Dear sir I have a problem with this title. If it's possible for you please send me your received responses. Very thanks for your attention to my request. With the best regards. Mahdi saniee nezhad

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