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sivakumar November 18, 2002 13:30

temperature profile on boundary
Hi all, I am having a problem with imposing a varying temperature profile on wall(2d pipe flow).The profile is wall is 153 cm long with temperature going from 900 - 1400k in 0 - 18 cm(linearly) constant at 1400k in 18 - 44cm 1400 - 700k in 44 - 60 cm(linearly) constant at 700k in 60 - 153cm I try to put this by splitting the wall into 4 different zones. The resulting temperature profile in the reactor matches the wall profile except for the first zone, where the temperature is limited to 1 k by fluent. Can anybody give me some ideas to overcome this. I would really apprecate the help. thanks in advance, sivakumar

zhhuang November 18, 2002 21:35

Re: temperature profile on boundary
Did you read the UDF help?you can solve it by the help of UDF

sivakumar November 19, 2002 02:21

Re: temperature profile on boundary
hi zhhuang, can you be more specific please. iam using udf to introduce the linear profiles, while i suggest constant temperature on the other two zones. thank you, sivakumar

zhhuang November 19, 2002 03:22

Re: temperature profile on boundary
I believe you can find the details in the UDF manul

Rahul Hiwale November 19, 2002 07:14

Re: temperature profile on boundary
Hi I believe you need not to split in single UDF itself you can give temp profile. As your model is 2 D problem is again simple. assume your wall start at origin and paralel to one axis. Follow this step in UDF 1. Read location of each thread .(loc) 2 Compare it with your controling location a .if it less than 18 then temp will be 900 + 500*loc/18 simlarly you can specify temp for other locations. If you need more help reply Rahul

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:58

Re: temperature profile on boundary
Dear sir I have a problem with this title. If it's possible for you please send me your received responses. Very thanks for your attention to my request. With the best regards. Mahdi saniee nezhad

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