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stefan November 18, 2002 14:48

boundary conditions
hello out there, i have got a problem with the boundary conditions which i define with a profile. the problem is that the massflow is ok but the mass fraction of ch4 is after converging too high (smth about 7 per cent). if anybody has an idea, please write because i am going mad at the moment. Thanks Stefan

MissNancy November 18, 2002 15:17

Re: boundary conditions
How do u know it is converged ? Could you describe your prob more? U don't expect the ch4 is 7%, right? How do u know its high?


stefan November 19, 2002 10:19

Re: boundary conditions
during the first iterations the massfraction was changing all the time, but after about 30 iterations the massfraction kept constant. this value was about 7 per cent higher then it should be. i am writting the profiles by myself. in the profiles i define the temperature, the velocity and the massfraction. in order to calculate the velocity i am using the face area of the cells. ahh i should also mention that i am using velocity inlet. my mainproblem is that i cannot understand that the massflow is ok and the massfraction not. i am quite sure that the massfraction in the profile is ok. Thanks for the quick response Bye Stefan

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:57

Re: boundary conditions
Dear sir I have a problem with this title. If it's possible for you please send me your received responses. Very thanks for your attention to my request. With the best regards. Mahdi saniee nezhad

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