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MissNancy November 18, 2002 15:10

patching question
Hi Guys, I have a set of 2D data (velocity maginitude, X Velocity & Y Velocity) in a 2D domain [ in three columns of Excel].

Before I start CFD simulations, I want to patch the domain with these 3 parameters.

How do I do that in Fluent?

Ms Nancy

zahid November 19, 2002 14:16

Re: patching question
under Solve>initialize>patch there is an option of registers. you have to use that option.

MissNancy November 19, 2002 16:22

Re: patching question
But how do you put the velocity components in the register?

I have used register before to patch, but never used the register to set some velocity components from other source.. Could you pls tell me more about it.


Alamgir November 20, 2002 00:25

Re: patching question
u can have a look to get help for patching at Fluent tutorial ch13 (surface chemistry)


mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:56

Re: patching question
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