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shamim November 20, 2002 18:08

boundary condittion
Hi I have a hot body in a domain.I wanna see the temperaure distribution around and over the hot body when cool air flows from domain inlet to domain outlet.The boundary wall temperature of hot body and cool air temperature & velocity are known.I selected velocity inlet as domain inlet and outflow as domain outlet.I put wall temperatures at four hot body walls.But I am not getting the expected temperature distribution around and over the hot body.In which way I should proceed? Any sort of help would be highly appreciated.

zhhuang November 21, 2002 08:53

Re: boundary condittion
1/I think the 4 wall of the hot body should be define as wall boundary condition 2/I think the domin should be large enough 3/check the boundary condition of you domin, the wall the temperature regards zhhuang

shamim November 21, 2002 15:37

Re: boundary condittion
Hello zhhuang Thanks for your prompt response. I tried according to your suggestion but still I am undone. Actually my problem is convection related.A coolant is flowing over a hot body.The hot body wall temperatures and coolant temperatures are known.I want to see the temperature profile over the hot body.From boundary condition(in Fluent) I selected convetion and put heat transfer co-efficient and wall temp. but it doesnot display any variation. Any advice/suggestion from anyone w'd be highly appreciated. thanks

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:50

Re: boundary condittion
Dear sir I have a problem with this title. If it's possible for you please send me your received responses. Very thanks for your attention to my request. With the best regards. Mahdi saniee nezhad

nikhil December 2, 2002 06:58

Re: boundary condittion
if u can send ur model description in detail. i can handle sure of leakage of any info. which type of grids u using? do u solving laminar of turbulent flow?

nikhil December 3, 2002 01:54

Re: boundary condittion
hi shamim, by the way i feel (not sure) fluent is very good for fluid dynamics problem but ur problem involve heat conduction also. here r some suggestions: 1. generate grids for fluid zone and tool zone. 2.there will be two type of grid in ur problem a.fluid cooling fluid b.solid cutting tool 2.make fine grids near the wall in both direction to get teamperature variation.ur choice quad is right. 3. all ur other choice are right. 4. try to put outflow coandition as fas as possible from tool to get steady state soln. lets see

another way to just solve the problem for temperature distribition on tool boundary and then use that result to solve heat conduction eq in any other software like ansys. try to contact also at thanx nikhil

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