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kumar November 21, 2002 01:49

Problem in License Server
I have replaced the mother board of my system in which fluent is installed already. Atfer replacing the new mother board, there is problem in opening fluent. If i run the fluent file, the following error occurs: ----------- Could not check out fluent: Future removed during lmreread, or wrong SERVER line host id Feature : Fluent Flexlm error : -92,147 ---------------

Anyone know hoe to shortout this problem.

Erwin November 21, 2002 05:23

Re: Problem in License Server
Your license file uses identification info from your motherboard and your harddrive to ensure that it cannot be used on another computer.

Rerun the 'System Info' program from Fluent and ask Fluent for a new license file based on this updated info.

Gavin Buckton November 21, 2002 06:26

Re: Problem in License Server
Some possible causes of this message include:

The user tried to install another machine's license file on a machine and changed the SERVER line in the file to have this machine's hostname but not the machine ID.

A laptop with a docking station (with an Ethernet card in it) is removed from the docking station and the license file was made using this card's Ethernet address.

The feature was removed during lmreread but the client is reading an old copy of the license file that still contains the removed feature.

Gavin Ps: nothing on the motherboard is used in the license generation. It either uses the disk ID which will change if you format the disk(windows only) or the mac address of the network card.

cfd guy November 21, 2002 07:07

Re: Problem in License Server
Gavin is right... My experience says that if you change your ethernet card you must regenerate your license keys. If your new motherboard has a ethernet card on board you must contact your account manager to generate a new license file.
cfd guy

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:49

Re: Problem in License Server
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