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Cindy Jones November 21, 2002 19:06

Problems on Batch run

I need to inject 125 groups particles into the stream. It is impossible to use grapical interface to input those data. This is the reason why I want to try batch run.

But the problem is when I typed

fluent 3d -g <inputfile> &outputfile &

the grapical window still show up, in other word I can't use backgroud execution.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks Cindy

mystic_cfd November 22, 2002 03:55

Re: Problems on Batch run
hi Cindy

try setting fluent 3d -gr -gu (instead of just -g). i'm assuming you are using version 5 or 6?

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:45

Re: Problems on Batch run
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