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Daniel Persson November 22, 2002 10:23

UDS-UDF problem

I'm solving a problem involving magnetic fields and magnetic forces. Now I've gotten a data file containing the volume forces in a number of points. What I'd like to do is read these data into Fluent so that I can use them as a momentum source term. One solution I've been recommended to use the Interpolating function to read the data to a UDS but I'm having problems understanding the syntax for the interpolation file.

This is what I've understod so far (written line by line):

2 ( version for Interpolation file-func )

2 ( Dimensions ,2D in my case )

34800 ( Number of points )

2 ( Number of fields, I guess two in my case. Force in x-direction and force in y-direction )

UDS1?? ( The field names should be written here, but how do I write this?? )


-0.068062?? ( Here are the coordinates of the points, but is it first x-coord then y-coord or is it alternating x and y?? )

after this the field values should be specified but is it in alternating or consecutive order??

And after I've used this Interpolating function how do I get it to be a Momentum source term?? I assume that I hav'to write a UDF file but what commands should I use to get the interpolated values from the UDSs??

Greetful for all answers or suggestions.

ravi varma November 23, 2002 14:24

Re: UDS-UDF problem
one thing you can do after the interpolation function is defined is to store the values as "extern" variables. store all your "extern" variables in a seperate file - say udf_extern.h then define a source macro for momentum whereby you can recall the extern variables "#include udf_extern.h" this example on using this method is shown in UDF manual 2.5.4

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:44

Re: UDS-UDF problem
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