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Kevin_chang November 22, 2002 12:59

Help me to solve this thorny problem
Today , i have a very thorny problem .

My model has a parameter was used to predict the binary diffusion coefficient (Dij) at species transport equation .

For example Dij = 3.64*e-8* T^2.334*(Pci*Pcj)^0.3333*(Tci*Tcj)^-0.48625*(1/Mi+1/Mj)^0.5

{Pci---critical pressure of species i Pcj---critical pressure of species j Tci---critical temperature of species i Tcj---critical temperature of species j }

In my model ,five species was be existed indie the model . H2,O2,H2O,CO2,N2

i want to solve the Dij from above equation . so. i also wrote a program of UDF by visual C++

Unfortunately , this program is wrong in FLUENT . Who can assist to modify this thorny program ??

Best regrad to you



{ int i,j;

real Dij;

if(i==0. || j==1.)

{C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,1)=3.64e-8*pow(C_T(cell,thread),2.334)*pow((Pc0*Pc1),1/3)*pow((Tc0*Tc1),-0.48625)*((1/M0+1/M1),1/2); /*Laminar species diffusivity */

Dij=C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,1); }

else if(i==0. || j==2.)

{C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,2)=3.64e-8*pow(C_T(cell,thread),2.334)*pow((Pc0*Pc2),1/3)*pow((Tc0*Tc2),-0.48625)*((1/M0+1/M2),1/2); /*Laminar species diffusivity */

Dij=C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,2); }

else if(i==0. || j==3.)

{C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,3)=3.64e-8*pow(C_T(cell,thread),2.334)*pow((Pc0*Pc3),1/3)*pow((Tc0*Tc3),-0.48625)*((1/M0+1/M3),1/2); /*Laminar species diffusivity */

Dij=C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,3); }

else if(i==0. || j==4.)

{C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,4)=3.64e-8*pow(C_T(cell,thread),2.334)*pow((Pc0*Pc4),1/3)*pow((Tc0*Tc4),-0.48625)*((1/M0+1/M4),1/2); /*Laminar species diffusivity */

Dij=C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,0,4); }


{C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,1,2)=3.64e-8*pow(C_T(cell,thread),2.334)*pow((Pc1*Pc2),1/3)*pow((Tc1*Tc2),-0.48625)*((1/M1+1/M2),1/2); /*Laminar species diffusivity */ Dij=C_DIFF_L(cell,thread,1,2); }

return Dij; }

mahdi saniee nezhad November 24, 2002 01:43

Re: Help me to solve this thorny problem
Dear sir I have a problem with this title. If it's possible for you please send me your received responses. Very thanks for your attention to my request. With the best regards. Mahdi saniee nezhad

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