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Anton November 23, 2002 07:59

CGNS import

I'm using Fluent v5.5 on WinXP. I'm trying to import 5block.cgns that was downloaded from and it doesnt works. I tried to import this mesh into Fluent 5.5, TGrid 3.4, even in WinNT 4.0 sp5 compatibility mode. The Fluent writes to his console:

> Reading "| tfilter fe2ram -cl -tCGNS -cl -d3 D:\FLUENT.INC\5blocks.cgns"...

CGNS file to RAMPANT file CGNS library is not available on this platform

Read 0 nodes, 0 elements, 0 groups.

Error: no nodes read from input. Error: couldn't filter input file. Done.



shell conduction zones, Done.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance.

br, Anton.

rk November 23, 2002 08:58

Re: CGNS import
Use FLUENT V6.0.20. I could able to import! CGNS import is improved in V6.0

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