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Karl November 26, 2002 11:34

License server gives problems

We have a network license server on one NT machine. I run from another machine.

I reinstalled Windows NT on my computer, and Fluent. Problem is, when I went to start fluent, I got a message saying that the time on my computer was too different from clock on license server, so I could not check out license.

I checked the date on my computer, which was off by one month. So I set the date to the correct time. Now when I try to run fluent I'm told that I can't check out the license because I set the system clock back!

Is there any way to fix this problem without reformatting the entire hard drive, reinstalling the operating system, and then spending a whole day reinstalling software. This is ridiculous!

Gavin Buckton November 27, 2002 06:14

Re: License server gives problems
System clock has been set back

Error Message: System clock has been set back

Comments: FLEXlm checks the dates of files in certain directories. If it finds files that have dates into the future, the license key will not work.

Resolution: Locate files that are dated into the future and delete them or change the date.

For Windows 2000

Open up Windows Explorer, click on the Tools Menu, Folder Options, View tab Click "Show Hidden Files and Folders" Uncheck "Hide Protected Operating System Files" Click on Start, Search, Files or Folders. Click "Search Options". Click Date. Click the"Between" button and choose today's date. In the "and" text box choose a date several years into the future. Click "Advanced Options". Click "Search Subfolders". Click "Search Now". If you find files that are dated in the future you must determine if you need them, if not, delete the files. If they are Windows System files (and most likely they will be) you can download a shareware program that will assist you in changing file and folder dates.

There are several programs available. One program called Attribute Magic Pro and can be downloaded from:

For Windows NT

Click on Start, Find, Files or Folders. Click on the "Date Modified" Tab. Click on the "Find all files created or modified" button. Type today's date in the "between" text box, and erase any date in the "and" text box (it will not work properly if you put a date in the "and" text box). Hope this helps Gavin

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