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Moshiur R. Chowdhury November 27, 2002 04:46

Getting values from fluent solver
Hello, I am trying to simulate some ionized chemical reactions by using source code in fluent. For this case, I want to get the cell values for gamma (sp. heat ratio), internal energy for my source code. Can anybody help me how to get these values from fluent solver?

Sincerely, Moshiur

E. David Huckaby November 27, 2002 10:33

Re: Getting values from fluent solver
The function for gamma is located in the file "sg_mem.h". This is in the same directory as the file "udf.h". You might have to explicitly write out a formula for internal energy in terms of the enthalpy, pressure and density. You might also find the functions located in "prop.h" useful for your problem, particularly the function "Reference_Enthalpy".

hope this helps, Dave

Moshiur R.Chowdhury November 27, 2002 14:41

Re: Getting values from fluent solver
Thanks a lot David.


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