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phil November 28, 2002 11:20

animating unsteady flows
I would like to create an animation of unsteady flow by using commands every timestep to display a contour plot and then write the hardcopy. I know how to do this but need to know if it is possible to change the camera position and target to be a function of the timestep. I have an object which is rotating in a fluid and would like to have an animation of the static pressure distribution on this object as if the camera were stationary relative to the moving object.

ravi varma November 29, 2002 13:14

Re: animating unsteady flows
if you want to capture animations in terms of 'time steps' you need the post processing software - FLUENT/post. Fluent6 does not give the option of choosing time steps when compsoing a scene.

Phil December 2, 2002 06:07

Re: animating unsteady flows
thanks for replying. I have managed to get round this problem by defining a variable which I set to the current time and then using the commands to update the time at the end of each timestep. As I have a value for the time then i can use this in the commands which set the camera position. Althought this is working it seems a cumbersome way of doing this as i have to change the function for time if i change the timestep or redefine it is i interupt the calculation and restart it.

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