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Maxim November 28, 2002 22:52

modeling a fluidized bed??
good day everone,

I am a rookie in fluent and gambit, no need helps!!

how can i model a 2d fluidized bed using gambit??

my bed dimension should be 2.5cm wide, 6cm depth. with 10 layer of particle size 0.1mm. Gas- solid system

I am now vey confusing about how to define the bondary condition. from the FLUENT help content, i can use the pressure inlet as free surface, so the pressure inlet i should input 1 atm??

how about the bottom plate which use to allow the fluid flow in?? what bondary type shall i use??


ravi varma November 30, 2002 15:45

Re: modeling a fluidized bed??
are you looking at mixing in a fluidised bed?

hlq January 5, 2003 23:27

Re: modeling a fluidized bed??
where can i obtain the example of fludized bed

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