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brian November 29, 2002 23:52

an easy question about gambit
When i export the mesh file from gambit,how can i chang the saved directory ? thank you very much!

MissNancy November 30, 2002 02:06

Re: an easy question about gambit
do the following: save as, then you will fins the current directory where you saved before or from where you ran gambit. Find the directory ending with double dot (..), most probably the second in the list from the top. Double click that, u will go down one directory.. so if u want to go down, again double click the one with .., to go up a directory, double click the directory.

Alternatively, type the directory location, then slash, then file name.

U can also cut and paste the directory name from the Unix terminal.

Hope this is what you are looking for.


varshavian December 2, 2002 04:33

Re: an easy question about gambit
it's easy. you can select your favorite directory by browser.

Alamgir December 3, 2002 00:58

Re: an easy question about gambit
Save anywhere then use vi command: cp <file> .. \dir or use transfer file window and copy/paste just like windows explorer or drag the file and release it to your destination folder.


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