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yeo November 30, 2002 02:26

help on error
Is it possible to look for solution or help files when encountered error while using fluent 5/6 ? I tried to search it but can't find. Or there isn't such a thing? Can somebody help? Thanks.

ravi varma November 30, 2002 15:12

Re: help on error
there does not seem to be any interpretation of Fluent errors. atleast not in the manual. what error are you getting. can you print the error on the forum?

yeo November 30, 2002 23:55

Re: help on error
thanks for your response. When i try to read my mesh file from gambit, it runs as per normal but display messages at the ends of a few lines such as follows:

default-interior Error: access :unbound variable Error object : phase-domain?

tunnel Error: access :unbound variable Error object : phase-domain?

Error: access :unbound variable Error object : phase-domain?

symmetry fluid velocity-inlet-7 wall-5 pressure-outlet 4 shell conduction zone Done.

The last few lines seems normal but one of the boundary type which is the name "tunnel" is missing.

The names and boundary type i used to specifed in gambit was:

(1) Velocity in ------ velocity in (2) Tunnel ----------- wall (3) Train walls ------ wall (4) Pressure out ----- pressure out (5) symmetry --------- symmetry

Thanks ......

ravi varma December 3, 2002 14:50

Re: help on error
i have come across the 'unbound variable' error as well. the interface between two faces causes this problem. you could try to check the geometry in Gambit and correct the meshing pattern between two faces.

yeo December 4, 2002 06:53

Re: help on error
thanks a lot for your help. i will try to check all the faces and the meshing.

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