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John December 2, 2002 12:34

Fluent Graphics Display error
Im getting the following errors when trying to display the solution or even grid of what i meshed in Gambit:

Error: FLUENT received a fatal signal (SEGMENTATION VIOLATION). Error Object: ()


Error message from graphics function Compute_Text_Extent: There was an unexpected Hoops internal error - Update requested with update in progress!

Im running Fluent 6.0, windows NT, with a 16MB 3dfx Voodoo3 card and have sufficient ram on the computer. Not sure whats wrong. Anyone else had this happen? Or know of a solution?

CFD MAN December 2, 2002 20:12

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
I guesss you can overcome this as follows:

before displaying anything in Fluent. run fluent> read case and data file (or only case/msh)>solve>monitor>residuals >> in the right upper corner, the window number should be positive (sometimes its -1 by default) or zero. So change it and display anythig u like.


John December 4, 2002 13:13

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
Tried your solution without any success. Still getting same errors as before. Even tried reinstalling fluent. Very frustrating! Do you think getting a new video card would be a viable solution?

Erwin December 4, 2002 14:11

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
Nonono, your system is fine, something in your case or data file is corrupt. This could be anything from the color map to something inside your grid. Try reading just the case file and see if you can display the grid. If not, try reading the .msh file and see if that one is OK. If not try re-exporting from Gambit. Etc etc.

Anders December 4, 2002 16:24

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
Hi, I have experienced a similar problem, but when running on Linux. I have not completely solved the problem yet, but it helped much to start fluent with a supplementary driver flag, in my case opengl

fluent -driver opengl

but depending on your system you could also try x11

I'm not sure if this cure is relevant in Windows environment, though - I never used anything but Linux/Unix.

J.W.Ryu December 8, 2002 11:28

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
I have same trouble with Fluent 6.0. Same cas/dat files at Flunt 5.5 or 5.6 does no show any trouble, when I pick a specific point to see solved value. Only 6.0 showed following error when I picked contour line to see the value Error: FLUENT received a fatal signal (SEGMENTATION VIOLATION). Error Object: ()

Intereting point is tha this error was not displayed with simple model.

I issued this as Fluent bug. But, nobody corrected this yet.

I hope this will be solved from Fluent 6.1.



John December 8, 2002 13:51

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
what are your comp specs? And video card? Because an associate of mine is running FLuent 6.0 without any similar problems and the major difference b/w comp is the video card.

J.W.Ryu December 8, 2002 20:52

Re: Fluent Graphics Display error
Hi, Hardware that I am using is Compaq SP750 (Duel Xeon 1Ghz, 2.5GB memory, Elsa Gloria II, and Dual 18GB SCSI Harddriver. Of course, Windows 2000 profession is OS.

With simple model, I could not see any trouble. But, with little bit complicate model, I am suffering from error message. So, Solving with Fluent V6.0.20, and then reopen CAS/DAT with Fluent 5.5 or 5.6. This gives me value of contour line when I click mouse on contour image.



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