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Ringo December 3, 2002 13:54

Fluent Parallel

I tried to run fluent 6 parallel for NT. I can do it on SMP machines, i.e., spawn several fluent on one computer with multiple processors. However, it failed to spawn remote processes. Actually, the paralle->network->config submenu is diabled (grey). We have 10 licenses, but not a parallel license.

Any suggestions is very welcome!


Erwin December 4, 2002 14:20

Re: Fluent Parallel
You have to start fluent using the -pnet option. You also have to have the rsh.exe installed on the computers. See the Fluent installation manual for these and other requirements (e.g. making the Fluent.Inc folder 'shared')

Ringo December 5, 2002 05:04

Re: Fluent Parallel
Thank Erwin. Now use the -pnet switch I can see the parallel->network->config submenu and can spawn and kill processes on remote computers. But I still fail to launch all the processes from the command line mode. It said "Unable to spawn all nodes from hosts file." What do you think might be the problem.


Erwin December 5, 2002 05:39

Re: Fluent Parallel
I have to admit that I haven't gotten it to work yet either :( I started looking into it and ran into the installing requirements of rsh.exe (remote shell) on the remote computers. This is currently a problem given thwe way our network is set up. But I think having rsh installed properly is one requirement, the proper host file settings another one. Sorry but can't help you further, try Fluent support if you have more troubles.

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