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Jamcam December 4, 2002 05:35

Mesh Independance
Hi all,

I've ran some simulations with Fluent and then refined the mesh by c. 53% and ran the same simulations again. The solution hasn't changed significantly at all. Does this equal mesh independence, or am I over simplifying things?



Glenn December 6, 2002 04:37

Re: Mesh Independance
Try to measure different parameters (e.g. vorticity, skinfriction, velocities) at different places and see if then change with increasing grid points. If there is no change within a certain percentage (the value of this is up to the user, but usually within ~1%) then the solution should be mesh independant. Try a lighter mesh as well to see for changes. Glenn

lagha December 6, 2002 18:10

Re: Mesh Independance
Hi, Just to add some thing to the message posted by Glenn. There are two different types of parameters to check (if you haven't the analytical solution ). The first are in the same simulation, like mass conservation(namely). the second are the field of velocity, pressure etc between two or more simulations (see Glenn). good luck. lagha

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