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stefan December 4, 2002 10:10

udf boundary condition
hello, i am trying to use a special boundary profile for the velocity, massfraction and temperatur. in the beginning i tried to read it in with a profile but this didn't work. so i am now using a udf but i get everytime the same problem (it is also the same problem which occurred with the profiles): the massflowrate is ok but the massfraction (checked with surface integrals) is too high. the next thing is that the face values (for temperature, velocity and massfraction) differ from the values which i read in. has anybody an idea where the problem could be???? then please write because i am trying to solve this problem now for a very long time.

here is the udf i am using:

DEFINE_PROFILE(velocity,thread,index) {

face_t f; int i; double b[84];

b[83]=1.871916e+01; . . . b[0]=1.889291e+01; i=0; begin_f_loop(f,thread)




} end_f_loop(f,thread)


Bye Stefan

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