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Bharath December 4, 2002 18:15

Industrial Nozzles

Does some one have an Typical design of an Industrial Nozzle with dimensions ?( the nozzle being used for Liquid spray with air Assisted ) If anyone can send me information on some industrial nozzle dimensions , I would greatly appreciate that.

Thanks for the help.


Allan December 4, 2002 20:29

Re: Industrial Nozzles
Go to to see Spraying Systems Company website with a whole range of industrial nozzles.

Bharath December 5, 2002 17:38

Re: Industrial Nozzles

I tried visiting the but..they werent talking abt the designs..the website mostly concentrated on its products and applications. Is it possible for me to get info on ..previous projects similar to this from Websites? Thanks for the info.


Allan December 5, 2002 18:04

Re: Industrial Nozzles
What information are you looking for? Size of the opening for the fluid? Number and size of orifices for atomizing air? Angle of air orifices?

Are you looking to model a nozzle for a specific application? or just interested in modeling? If you have a real interest, I would be surprised if Spraying Systems would not discuss their basic design with you. At one time, they were happy to fabricate a nozzle out of a specific material for us.

I designed a steam-atomized nozzle for spraying a very viscous liquid at one time. The opening is round and about 13 mm in diameter. There are 8 holes for steam around this, each about 2 mm in diameter.

Philipp December 6, 2002 06:36

Re: Industrial Nozzles
Dear Bharath, I had also problems with dimensions of air-atomizing nozzles from spraying-system. I just found that for instance the meaning in the illustrated catalogue for liquid-nozzle J2050 is:

20/1000 inch diameter liquid orifice (also 50/1000 inch is the outer-diameter of liquid-nozzle, J just shows, that it is made of brass, SS-nozzles are made of stainless steel)

and also J67147 (it is the air-nozzle) has got the meaning (J=brass, 1=round orifice) 67/1000 inch first diameter, 47/1000 inch diameter at nozzle-exit! Maybe this will help! Konstantin

Bharath December 6, 2002 12:17

Re: Industrial Nozzles

Thanks for the great information. I have my nozzle exit of about 1mm at present..but im really confused abt the Inlet diamter at which the air enters and that of the liquid.This system is like a twin Fluid Nozzle ..using air to Atomize the Liquid wht shud be the Inlet dimensions of the air and liquid inlets ? im givin a small cartoon of my problem..( im working in 2D )

|<------------------------->| length ?

width? Air-> ----

---- - Exit here Liquid-> - is 1mm

---- Air-> ----

I have designed for an Air pressure inlet of 1Bar and liquid inlet of 20kpa... so...wht cud be the inlet widths for the entry of the fluids ?

Thanks for the great help.


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