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Amid Naz December 7, 2002 19:05

URGENT!!..Periodic boundary condition..
Hello Everyone, I'm trying to the flow in a 45 deg multi-ports swirler..Due to symmetry, I can just use 1/8 of the geometry. in this segment I have 3 different faces in each of the two symmetry sides. My question, how to imply the periodic boundary condition? do I need to have 3 periodic BC each for each sigle pair of faces? Your help is appreciated.. Thanx Amid Naz

LEE December 9, 2002 23:14

Re: URGENT!!..Periodic boundary condition..
Symmetry geometry for the circle like is different from in one direction. As I recalled, you should define the axial in a certain coordiate direction (maybe x), then you can define the periodic condition. FLUENT manual has the solution for this type prob.

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