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raintung December 8, 2002 07:56

Out of memory?
Hello everyone, When I use gambit2.0.4 to crearte mesh,(and there is a thin fence on the endwall.),the following error message appears: out of memory while meshing the volume! What should I do?Please.Thank you.

Erwin December 8, 2002 16:15

Re: Out of memory?
Well ehmmm, how about using a computer with more RAM?

What are you using now? And more importantly, how many cells are you trying to cram into that volume?

In my opinion you will need a computer with at least 200 MB RAM to do anything substantial. If you don't have that you could trick it by increasing the swap space to a large number.

J.W.Ryu December 8, 2002 20:34

Re: Out of memory?
I heard 1 cell needs roughly 1 byte memory. So, you may add more memory in your board if you are meshing 3-D model.

Eric R. December 9, 2002 10:28

Re: Out of memory?
I had a similar problem once. I then upgraded my computer to 1.5GB (1536MB) RAM using three 512MB memory chips. Your motherboard has to support it and have a number of slots open. You usually won't run out of memory till you hit over 2-million cells. With clever decompositioning and meshing, you shouldn't have to have that many cells.



raintung December 9, 2002 21:45

Re: Out of memory?
Thank you.I will try to do that again.

hamid-nice May 25, 2016 21:50

increasing of amount of swap space
Hi dears

dear Erwin told that " ....... swap space to a large number"

yes I need to this

how can set swap space to a large number ?

LuckyTran May 25, 2016 22:21

I don't recommend using swap memory. Nowadays RAM is very easy to come by and the gains of using a swap space are fairly insignificant. If you have run out of RAM then you're solving a problem that is too complex for your hardware and you need to simplify it or get access to better hardware.

Swap memory is controlled by your OS or sometimes the BiOS. It's not a Fluent parameter.

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