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ann December 10, 2002 00:15

some simple question,please help
I don't know some relationships between the metric system and the American system. In the American system, the unit of weight flow is lb/sec. And in the metric system, the unit of mass flow is kg/s. I don't know whether the dimensions between weight flow and mass flow is same, that is to say,weight flow =mass flow is right or weight flow =mass flow * gravity acceleration is right. And one lb/sec=?kg/s or one lb/sec=?kg/s*gravity acceleration.

Another question: the unit of pressure in the metric system is Pascal and in the American system is lb/sq ft; Then one lb/sq ft=?pascal.

MissNancy December 10, 2002 04:05

Re: some simple question,please help
1 kg=2.2046 lb. This means, if you weigh 100 kg, you weigh 220.46 pound !!

1 atmospheric pressure=101396 N/m^2=101396 pascal=14.7 psi =14.7*144 psf

Re mass and weight dilemma, please use the units, reader will know what are you talking about.


phil December 10, 2002 06:20

Re: some simple question,please help
this website has some useful conversion factors to convert between various units.

Atholl December 10, 2002 06:28

Re: some simple question,please help
Also, go to and download this invaluable piece of software


ann December 11, 2002 02:09

Re: some simple question,please help
Hi,Nancy Do you mean the mass flow is 220.46 pound/s and the weight flow is 220.46 pound force/s if the mass flow in the metric system is 100kg/s?

Thanks for help!

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