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ff December 11, 2002 10:30

O-type grid GAMBIT
Hi Fluent users,

Is it possible to create O-type grid with GAMBIT. If yes, how?

Thanks in advice.

rk December 15, 2002 09:23

Re: O-type grid GAMBIT
Yes, its possible.

Take a quarter circle, and change the vertex type of the center vertex to "Triangular" type. Now go to face meshing and click on apply. GAMBIT automatically selects the quad/wedge scheme to create the o-type grid. Once you have the mesh for 90 degree sector, copy rotate to get the other sectors to finish the 360 degrees. Please make sure the connectivity b/w these faces once copying the faces.



Vimal.Singh September 2, 2012 09:08

O-type mesh
Thanks it worked for me.

Mesh Face set face vertex type Trielement

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