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lopez December 12, 2002 13:19

Grid-independent solution..
Hi all,

Whatis grid-independent solution in Fluent? How to obtain it?

Thanks for DETAILED answers in advance!

Atul T. Shinde December 13, 2002 02:53

Re: Grid-independent solution..
Dear Lopez, There are certain checks to make sure that the grid is good enough to consider. Grid independence is also known as Consistency. U have to make sure that the solution is not varying by significant amount when u change the no. of elements. So u have to try for different no. of elements. This is nothing but grid independence.

lopez December 13, 2002 07:05

Re: Grid-independent solution..
Hi Atul, Thanks a lot. Can you explain in detail how to obtain the grid-independent sol. As you have written what are the checks to ensure the same.

waiting for reply.

Atul T. Shinde December 13, 2002 07:36

Re: Grid-independent solution..
Dear Lopez, It is a practice to not to fine and not too coarse grid and then move towardfs the finer one. Then check out how much is the variation betwwen the results. If the variation is high then u have to go further for finer. As the grid size goes on decreasing then the solution towards the more accurate one.For non-linear equations, we have to just make sure there is not much variation. Then as well check for conservation and boundedness of the solution.

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