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WJQ December 18, 2002 09:08

What does the model belong to?
The model is to simulate the flow and thermal fields in the cylinder. When the air flows through one row heat exchanger in the middle of the cylinder, the heat transfer occurs between the air and water. What type does the exchanger belong to? Porous media, porous-jump, radiator, or heat exchanger?

Please help me. Thank you!

ravi varma December 20, 2002 19:14

Re: What does the model belong to?
cannot be modelled as porous media or p.jump. there are no heat exchanger options in that model. it can act only as moment sink and species diffusion, creation and consumption.

WJQ December 20, 2002 20:57

Re: What does the model belong to?
Thank you very much, ravi varma. It seem that I have to add source terms in moment equation and energy equation. Is it right? Thus the air must be divided into three zones:before the heat exchanger,through the exchanger,after exchanger.Would you please tell me how to divide it ?

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