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Chris December 18, 2002 12:15

I tried to build a simple square pipe with Gambit, and then in FLUENT, put in boundary conditions at the inlet (fixed total pressure) and at the outlet (fixed static pressure).

I had expected the filled-in plots of my results to be symmetrical on all four faces of my pipe, but they are not! There were no energy equations used, nor gravity, so I don't understand why I get different values for each of the four faces.

Does anyone know what I could have possibly done wrong? Does the axis along which I defined my square pipe have anything to do with it (e.g. -x-y-z or +x-y+z etc)?


Amid Naz December 18, 2002 18:24

Re: Symmetry
did u define the 4 walls BC indentically? I guess no reason to have different results unless u made some mistake here or there..I suggest to repeat the problem from scrach, it is easy and can be redone fastly, GOOD LUCKK

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