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moiami December 19, 2002 02:03

Simulated data vs. experimental data

My experimental data and my simulated data are very much different i.e. max values plotted with XYPlot for radial velocity at the same point in the grid are 0.15m/s (experiment) and 0.09m/s (FLuent v5.5 data from case file simulated in Mixsim).

I read in the FAQ site that Mixsim overpredicts Power consumption i.e. a bug (tried this and it's true, with experimental data my Power no. value = 2.26 but with Mixsim data it is over 4.0), does this in any way affect my velocity values?

Is this a bug? Has any body encountered this before? Please tell me how to rectify it.

Thank you.

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