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Parshant Dhand December 20, 2002 13:39

Need help on GAMBIT
Hi there, i need some help to use FLUENT. I want to draw a geometry in which there is one cylinder, which is vertical and then on the outer face of this vertical cylinder there is another cylinder which is horizontal. I tried many ways but could not get it. the two cylinders are joined and the fluid flows from vertical cylinder to this horizontal cylinder.please comeone help.

njoy December 20, 2002 13:47

Re: Need help on GAMBIT
Try gambit Tutorial No.3

Eric R. December 20, 2002 16:00

Re: Need help on GAMBIT

Draw the two cylinders in the fashion you described, where they overlap. Then you can either 1) "split" one volume from the other, OR 2) "unite" the two volumes.

Review that tutorial the first person mentioned. Any questions, feel free to ask.



Alamgir January 3, 2003 05:29

Re: Need help on GAMBIT
Draw verticle one first and then horizontal one. If dia same then place the second one as the center line touches the outer face of first one then unite. and if the dias r not same then place as the first one ocupy the most of the face.



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