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bharath December 22, 2002 17:18

Turbulent Parameters !

During the Modelling of Turbulent Multiphase Flows, Fluent Asks for Turbulent Parameters such as Turbulent Intensity and Length ?? Which Lenght is it talking about ? Suppose , if You model a flow in a duct and a large domain outside at the exit of the duct(pressure outlet ) to see the flow spreakd out ...wht would be the characterisitc length at the inlet and outlet?


Bharath December 29, 2002 09:53

Re: Turbulent Parameters !
Turbulence intensity at the inlet of the domain depend on degree on turbulence at that location suppose if u r inlet is atmospheric that around 10% of Turbulenc intensity is enough. About characteristic length its given in the mannual that it should be around 70% of inlet dimension.

For further details u can refer to Fluent mannual chapter 9. Hope its work for u Regards Sohail

bharath December 30, 2002 00:11

Re: Turbulent Parameters !
hi sohail

Thanks for the about the Characteristic lengths for an outlet that is bigger than the inlet dimensions ? such as an expanded outlet ?



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