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yee wan December 25, 2002 21:10

viscosity of the granular phase??
Hi every one, I still trying to simulate my fluidized bed. There have some question for those who can help me. for the granular secondary phase, we need to input the value for granular viscosity and granular bulk viscosity.

My question is:

1.)for the granular viscosity, we can choose a constant value, or using gidaspow/syamlal-obrien. How can i determine which one is suitable for my case??

2.) how about the granular bulk viscosity?? constant value or lun-et-al??

thanks in advance...


rajesh1987 November 25, 2011 14:14

Fluidized bed modeling
For granular viscosity, use syamlal-obrian model, and for granular bulk viscosity use Lun et al.

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