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lopez January 1, 2003 15:27

Reversed Flow...
Dear All,

I am getting the message:-

"reversed flow in 102 faces on pressure-outlet 11"

What I need to do, in order avoid seeing this message?

Expecting your experienced replies.


Jinbok Yoo January 2, 2003 05:24

Re: Reversed Flow...
You can kill the message, as you command "/solve set flow-warnings? no", on NOT GUI but TUI mode.


zhhuang January 2, 2003 21:14

Re: Reversed Flow...
can the reversed flow influence the result?

Alamgir January 3, 2003 05:11

Re: Reversed Flow...
No, this reverse flow can not influence the result but it'll influence the convergence. Don't worry keep going.



Chris January 3, 2003 07:11

Re: Reversed Flow...
I would suggest that you first use a solver such as a 1st order momentum and energy, and then initialize. Solve and reach a convergence, and then "upgrade" to the 2nd order solutions. I find that this often removes the "reversed flow" phenomenon...which was I used to get, when I always tried to converge right from the start with 2nd order equations.

lopez January 4, 2003 04:16

Re: Reversed Flow...
Dear All,

Thanx for the responses. Chris, can u please elaborate (step-by-step procedure)how to do what u have mentioned. Waiting for reply.


Chris January 4, 2003 09:49

Re: Reversed Flow...
First solve using 1st order momentum and/or energy until a convergence is reached (a).

Then change to a higher-order momentum and/or energy, and continue the iterations from (a) until the final convergence is reached.

Alamgir January 5, 2003 21:07

Re: Reversed Flow...

This a good idea given by Chris, if u get a result with most economical way and then use that values to get precision results (ie u then have approx results, that results r initials for the next scheme).


myty July 27, 2012 18:01

Reverser flow on pressure outlet
I got same problem but my solution is not converging, can anyone suggest something to improve. Thanks

Ganapathy August 6, 2012 00:44

The cause of the "Reverse Flow" phenomenon is improper initialization. If possible initialize with the actual expected values of the flow in the direction of the flow. If there are different domains with different flows, initialize and patch these domains.
Reverse flow does cause changes in result. If you have a pipe with reverse flow at the outlet, the solution near the outlet is influenced by the BC at the outlet. For eg : If you set teh outlet temperature to 150C, and if there is reverse flow, the outlet cells and nearby cells will be at 150C even though the solution may be at 500C

flotus1 August 6, 2012 01:52

The FAQ-Section for Ansys CFX applies to this problem aswell.


Pat07 January 21, 2013 15:27

Reversible flow in faces on pressure outlet
Helo frnds, i try to create a circular domain around an airfoil, but it is not converging...the message says reversible flow in faces on pressure outlet can any1 help me plzz..thxx

Ganapathy January 21, 2013 23:42

Please post the problem.
Can you share the gemoetry?

farzadmech88 June 4, 2013 10:57

1 Attachment(s)
I have the same problem in the centrifugal compressor,
1- I have reverse flow in both pressure-inlet and pressure-outlet
2- my solution is not converged.

if you know how can I fixed it, please help me.

myty June 4, 2013 13:01

I would suggest you to vary your mesh, it could help you for convergence and get rid of reverse flow problem.

Ganapathy June 5, 2013 00:13

Mass flow inlet / Outflow
Try using mass flow inlet and outflow.
I know that mass flow inlet will be a wrong BC since you want to simulate the mass flow and not give it as a BC, but try with some guess values at mass flow inlet.
As the solution progresses, switch to Pressure inlet

farzadmech88 June 5, 2013 03:26

Thank you for your wise answer. When I change "mass flow inlet" into "pressure inlet"(after a relative convergence), is it necessary to change outflow to another BC?
Because I think that "pressure inlet" and "outflow" cannot be in a same geometry as BCs.

Ganapathy June 5, 2013 23:57

Thank you for your wise answer. When I change "mass flow inlet" into "pressure inlet"(after a relative convergence), is it necessary to change outflow to another BC? Because I think that "pressure inlet" and "outflow" cannot be in a same geometry as BCs.

Yes please also change the outflow to a Pressure outlet.

Agad15 January 29, 2014 08:54


I am trying to simulate flow through a micro channel of 250 x 120 micron dimensions with unsteady vof model. I have given outlet BC as " pressure outlet" . Reverse flow is occurring after some time. How to avoid the problem?

Ganapathy January 30, 2014 05:15

Reverse flow problem
Has the solution converged ?

Usually this will disappear once the solution converges.

Is the pressure outlet boundary real ? is it really a pressure outlet in the actual physics too?

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