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Bob January 6, 2003 10:38

Quick Discretization

Can anyone tell me, is it possible to use the quick discretization scheme on a 3d fully tetrahedral grid?

zhhuang January 7, 2003 08:20

Re: Quick Discretization
munal can tell you about this?

Keil January 7, 2003 22:31

Re: Quick Discretization
Yes, you can also use even an hybrid mesh. But the quick is not usually(traditional) quick scheme. Be careful.


Bob January 8, 2003 04:42

Re: Quick Discretization
What exactly do you mean by "Quick is not usually(traditional) quick scheme.

I have consulted the fluent manual and it says "Fluent allows the use of the quick scheme for unstructured or hybrid grids; in such cases the usual second-order upwind disretization scheme will be used at the faces of non-hexahedral cells."

Based on the above I take it then that on a fully tet grid I should just use second order upwind as quick would give me the same results? True?

Keil January 8, 2003 06:03

Re: Quick Discretization
Usually(traditional) quick is third order discretization scheme. But in case of the quick is used for fully tet mesh and hybrid mesh, it is not to be third order discretization scheme.So I remarked.

And your last remarks is correct.


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