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Chris January 7, 2003 12:24

Grid error

I did a model with GAMBIT with solver FLUENT 4, and things were working ok when I exported the mesh to FLUENT.

But when I changed to solver to FLUENT 5/6, I keep getting this error from FLUENT:

Error: %repair-face-handedness: invalid grid. Error Object: ()

Does anyone know why? Are the solvers grid-specific?

Yong January 7, 2003 12:33

Re: Grid error
Have you changed solver in Gambit?

Chris January 7, 2003 12:37

Re: Grid error
Yes I have. I tried FLUENT 5/6 on GAMBIT, re-applied my zones. But to no avail. The file was successfully exported as a MESH, but no matter what I try to open it with (import), it just doesn't work. :(

Alamgir January 10, 2003 21:03

Re: Grid error
I faced this problem before. Just before drawing u need to select the solver first as said in the manual. But they didn't say why? Better to select solver before meshing. I think you need to draw again with selecting the solver Fluent5/6



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