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Parshant Dhand January 10, 2003 03:31

Boundry Conditions
In Gambit i am only able to define the type of boundary, if it is velcoity inlet or outlet or wall or whatever, how can i give values to these entities in GAMBIT. And if not in GAMBIT then how can i do it in FLUENT, because in FLUENT when i click on BOundary COnditions under define, the B.C, window does not open at all.

Chris January 10, 2003 08:54

Re: Boundry Conditions
You cannot assign the specific values of the boundaries in GAMBIT, though you can only specify the type, or ZONE (as you have already found out).

It's a good practice to specify your ZONES in Gambit before you export your model to FLUENT. After you have loaded your model into FLUENT, when you click on Boundary conditions, you should have a window open. It displays the different zones in your model and the type of zones that they are (as pre-defined by the user in Gambit).

Double-clicking on the zones should open up another window, in which you can enter specific values like 300K or 1.57 kg/s etc.

Alamgir January 10, 2003 21:25

Re: Boundry Conditions
If the window does not come up that means u export the mesh before specify bc. So export it again and see the zone in the file when it is opening in the FLUENT console window like wall, inlet, and outlet etc.


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