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mp January 10, 2003 16:57

Conjugate heat transfer (vs) periodic boundary
Hallo everyone,

I would like to know.....

In Fluent, is it possible to model Conjugate Heat Transfer problem in conjunction with Periodic Boundary Conditions.

ex: Two different fluids flowing through two concentric pipes and the heat transfer takes place through the inner pipe wall between the two fluids. Assuming the length of the pipe is very long, hence the use of periodic boundary conditions is needed.

Please consider that I have knowledge of modelling Periodic Boundary Conditions and Conjugated Heat Transfer in Fluent individually. I would like to know the procedure to use them together.

Any help is highly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

- mp

zhhuang January 13, 2003 02:38

Re: Conjugate heat transfer (vs) periodic boundary
Fluent manual tell us:all boundaries must be either constant temperature or specified heat flux;and "In cases that involve solid regions,the regions cannot straddle the periodic plane".Hence,I think it's impossible,But you can try this . regards zhhuang

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